With an active public search program we’re asked to identify a lot of interesting rocks. Most are well-weathered desert rocks but some, like the ‘Famenin’ stone listed on our front page, are fresh and come with a good story. In this case, it’s a story of extraterrestial material hitting man-made objects. After acquiring this wonderful stone, we decided to give it its own place on the web. With luck, we’ll keep it company with other interesting meteorites that we acquire in the future.

Who are we?

Michael Mazur – Originally from Canada, I’m a geophysicist living and working in Norway.  I studied astrophysics and then geophysics at the University of Calgary which is where I developed my interest in planetary science. Before moving to Norway I worked on a Baker-Nunn camera refurbishment (for NEO searching) for the university and was also lucky enough to find more than 100 Tagish Lake specimens on one of our trips into the field. For fun, I like to chase fireballs (by seismic means) and search for meteorites. Occasionally I get lucky but, more often than not, I come home with nothing more than good memories and sore feet.

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