June 27th, 2015…

Proposed Name: Famenin
Location: Famenin, Iran
Type: H/L3 (provisional)
Total Known Weight: ca. 700g

On June 27th, 2015 at 8:30am in the town of Famenin, Iran a gentleman was startled by the loud noise of something hitting his house. Not sure what it was, he went out and surveyed the area. What he found on his flat cement-based roof surprised him. A hole and large fragments of a rock that appeared to be charred on the outside. That rock, as it turns out, is the remnants of a small H/L3 chondrite fall.

Soon after the fall, details of the event were publicized on Iranian TV and a piece was given to the University of Tehran who sent the rock for identification to CEREGE in France. From their initial studies, Hamedan is an L chondrite…

Since the initial 455g find on the roof, fragments of the hammer stone were found scattered up to 10’s of metres away. Roughly 120g bounced onto the neighbour’s side of the roof while another 32g fragment had, apparently entered another neighbour’s apartment through an open window. So far, a search of the local area has not yielded additional material from this fall.

One of the largest fragments recovered will soon be sent off for cosmogenic nuclide work which, we hope, will tell us something about the preatmospheric size of the parent meteoroid among other things. CT scanning and petrography of some of the pieces is also being planned which, judging from the large-scale heterogeneities seen in some of the pieces, should be interesting.

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